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In this Tips & Tricks page you will get a run down on the basics of what make The Blessed Beard products unique! From our conditioning oils, to our salt sprays... read on to get a better feel for our products!

Conditioning Oil vs Balm


Every beard company makes a "beard oil" and a "beard balm." The oil usually consisting of a blend of a 2-4 carrier oils, these products do some good to condition the skin beneath the beard. It was from this realization, that the "oil" product was for skin nourishment that the concept of the "conditioning oil" was born!

The Blessed Beard creates an "oil" product that is a proprietary blend of TWELVE different carrier oils! This blend takes care of your skin by infusing it with fatty amino acids and vitamins A, E, & D! 

These oils are good for anyone! Men can use them on their beards or as skin conditioning for those who shave! I have even had some guys use a shave & pre-shave oil! Women can use the conditioning oils as a body oil, providing their skin with the nourishments it needs! 

The balms then complement the oil. Both provide nourishment your skins need, but the balm does so at a lesser amount. The purpose of the balm is more to control the beard/hair.

In my experience, just using the oil is going to leave your skin feeling awesome - BUT it will be fully absorbed in 4-5 hours. Using just the balm will leave a longer lasting "feeling" of conditioning, but won't actually leave the soft feel on the beard. Combined with the oil though, you get a great combo that your skin will love!

Any other questions, hit up that chat box!!

Styling Salt Spray


Styling products are not uncommon in men's grooming, or beard companies. I have seen clay pomades, water based pomades, styling balms... but very little aside from that! 

This salt spray utilizes a locally sourced Himalayan salt to give your beard (if you're a guy) or your hair (for guys and girls!) some style! We have had customer feedback that this spray has been used to not only give some light style but also to cut down the frizz if your hair has a natural wave! Some women also have used this spray to accentuate their natural curl or wave. 

Any other questions, hit up that chat box!!

Beard Comb vs Beard Brush


Lots of guys have one or the other. Some have both! But do you know why to have both?? 

The beard comb, especially when made of real wood, is going to prevent static from building up when you comb through your face mane. Plastic combs do the exact opposite, AND can cause split ends... The wooden combs help to detangle that beard, spread the product evenly, and even can help facilitate blood flow through the hair follicle! 

Beard brushes, when made of real boar's hair bristles, and not that plastic stuff... help to tame the beast! When brushed regularly, you can many times help direct the way your beard grows (it helped me out tremendously!). Aside from that it helps spread the product evenly, and make the beard look styled!

Together though you will get the best tamed and styled beard - after applying The Blessed Beard products of course!

Any other questions, hit up that chat box!!

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