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A healthy, good-looking beard is one that is taken care of, and to properly take care of your beard, we have to start with the skin that is underneath. Soft skin that is nourished with the right vitamins and minerals on a regular basis leads to proper beard growth, and to get that beginning foundation with the best results, conditioning oils are where it’s at.

Unlike normal beard oil, conditioning oil is specially blended with the purpose of CONDITIONING. The Blessed Beard’s conditioning oils are made with a special proprietary blend of 12 different carrier oils. The carrier oils are what dilute the essential oils to make them safe for the skin to absorb, but they are just as important when it comes to what you are putting on your face. We’ve chosen specific carrier oils that will leave your skin with a silky smooth finish as opposed to a slimy or greasy residue.

Working a few drops into your skin each morning after showering is perfect for nourishing, and you’ll never need to wash the conditioning oil off as it absorbs into the skin perfectly. You’ll find fatty amino acids, vitamins A, D, and E, and several other good-for-you nutrients on the short list of ingredients for The Blessed Beard’s conditioning oils, meaning your skin will get the nourishment it needs beneath the beard. When the skin beneath the beard is nourished, the beard itself will flourish.

Conditioning oils are the foundation of a healthy beard. By nourishing the skin underneath to create a softer, smoother, and healthier base, the beard will begin to appear softer itself, just with this first basic step. It’s the foundation of The Blessed Beard’s skin and beard care, as the oil blend is carefully formulated to nourish your skin. The oil is actually The Blessed Beard’s most conditioning product of all! With just using the conditioning oil, you will see softer skin and a softer beard before you even move on to the next step of beard care.

The best part about The Blessed Beard products is that they are wholly natural. There are no fragrances added to the conditioning oil, and no harsh substances you need to worry about! The conditioning oils have a great natural scent from the essential oils used within, meaning there is never a fragrance diluting the essential elements your skin needs.

Some Pro-Tips for Our Readers:
  • Note that the oil tends to absorb into the skin within 3-4 hours, so it really should be used like a conditioning base. That’s why we call it “conditioning oil” instead of “beard oil.” It is best when paired with our "conditioning balm!" Work the oil down to the skin with your fingers, and then use a comb or brush so you can distribute the product evenly. Check out what makes a comb and brush a good addition to your beard care routine here.

  • Use somewhere between 3-5 drops for a longer beard. For shorter beards or stubble, we recommend just 1-2 drops a day.

  • You’ll need to use the oils EVERY. DAY. to see real results. Oftentimes we want to skip the daily care and just wear beard oil for date night or a special occasion. Then we wonder why we never see the results we had hoped! We cannot condition our skin sporadically. Our skin needs to be repeatedly exposed to the carrier oils so that it can absorb the nutrients and begin to thrive. Studies have shown that it takes about two weeks of daily application for your epidermis to recognize the oil as a daily part of it’s nutrition, and will then consistently distribute the nutrients through the bloodstream! Just a little science lesson for you! And while the conditioning oils smell great, they are not meant to be cologne that you wear only every once in a while. Trust me, doing a small thing like conditioning your beard every day WILL lead to great looking skin when those bigger life events arise. This way, you don’t get ready, you stay ready!

Conditioning oils are the foundation and basis for a healthier, smoother, softer beard. Used daily, this is definitely the care product that will take your beard game to the next level. Check out our most popular scents here, or drop me a message to ask for a personal scent recommendation!

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