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Are beards dirty? This question has been asked amongst the scientific community over the past decade, and we’ve received answers from both ends of the spectrum. While beards have the potential for carrying germs (including viruses, nudge nudge), clean-shaven faces also carry germs because of the tiny cuts being made to the skin and not allowing the hair follicles to grow out.

So what’s the short answer here, are beards dirty or not, David? The answer is, they can be, but not if you take proper care of your beard! And that begins in the shower with a good, natural wash. The goal is not to strip your skin and beard of EVERYTHING, but to cleanse it gently to get rid of the bad and keep the good. That’s where The Blessed Beard’s natural washes come in.

The Blessed Beard’s natural washes, just like all of our products, are scented with essential oils, boosting your skin and beard health while getting you squeaky clean. We have 3 unique fragrances made JUST for the washes that mix well with the water in the shower and create an oasis of ruggedly masculine aromas. Think lumberjacks and waterfalls in Alaska. Fresh. But if you want your wash to match your conditioning oil or balm, we do have the fragrance Vigor, which can be found in all three products.

And apart from our foundational essential oils, we also use a top-notch, locally bought, pink Himalayan salt in the creation process, which is great for adding natural minerals back to your skin and balancing your pH while not drying you out. Buying local is so important to us, that we also use a locally made castile soap, cooked up in Greenville, SC.

The best thing about the washes is that they can be used as a full-body wash - your beard, your face, your whole self! This is great as they are sulfate-free, so all of your skin will keep it’s natural oils and moisture. They’re also paraben-free, a harsh preservative found in commercial soaps. And as we said before, they don’t contain any fragrance oils which can cause allergic reactions, so scrub away!

Pro-Tips for Our Readers:
  • While the wash is great for almost everything in the shower, we still recommend you use a separate shampoo for your head, just because the washes aren’t super lathery and you could end up trying to use more just to make a lather when you don’t need to.

  • The wash is actually great for cleaning out your partner’s makeup brushes, as they won’t fray the bristles or dry them out over time (huge “thanks!” to my wife for figuring this out one night when she ran out of brush cleaner, ha!).

The Blessed Beard natural wash is one of our first products ever released on the market, and it’s backed by our self-tested guarantee! I’ve been using it almost every day for the last 4 years as the creator of The Blessed Beard, and I love how it doesn’t make my beard hair fall out, break, or become brittle like some of the washes I tried before (and since) creating my own. It balances out with your beard care routine, so you aren’t overprocessing, but going a la natural all the way, getting a really good and cleansing wash to start your day off just right.

What’s been your experience with commercial washes, have you noticed any of the problems I did before switching? I’d love to hear about your own beard journey, so feel free to drop a comment below!

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