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Our Story

I spent most of my life struggling to grow a healthy beard. Whether it was jobs that demanded shaving, or nutrient deprived skin, my beard needed some help. The idea for a company began in the early months of 2016, when my wife and I were expecting our second child. I had been experimenting with essential oils, attempting to take care of skin ailments using all-natural means. What began as a desire to rid my life of dandruff became an intense passion for healthy skincare, well-groomed beards, and local community.

Starting with a vision to create the best product I could, the company began a slow growth. But, as Winnie the Pooh taught us, "some things - sometimes - can come from nothing". The Greenville, SC community didn’t have men’s grooming, and The Blessed Beard was filling that need. From our first client purchase, to our first local partnership, the growth has been both a learning experience and a teaching tool. I was blessed to start this company here, and I have been faithful to return the favor back to other aspiring businesses.

The Blessed Beard has undergone numerous growing pains, but the one that has been the most beneficial is the one that ties us back to our community. I am proud to work alongside, and incorporate, so many outstanding local businesses in the creation of my products. Our story is one of community, from the products that we create, to even the revenue we receive. A portion of the proceeds we receive in sales is donated to Miracle Hill's adoption and foster care programs. The Blessed Beard wants to be a blessing to the community in the same way that we have been blessed by the community.

If this story resonates with you, we invite you to take some time checking out these products, and place an order!

Mission Statement

encourage gentlemanly behavior in every aspect of life

Vision Statement

steward our gifts through quality products, community encouragement, & business engagement

Meet The Team

There was only one person behind the business. Overtime, the team has become more proficient, as have our methods, and the product has developed organically. This team is a family, and each of them play an integral role in The Blessed Beard's life!



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Founder & Operator 



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Co-Founder &

Labeling Expert



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Production Expert &

Show Rep



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Production Expert &

Show Rep

Vision Statement

TBB's Four Pillars

Faith Driven

My faith in Christ is what spurs me onward, and to treat everyone with the dignity, respect, and honor they deserve. My beliefs push me to be the best I can be and deliver the best to you! The Blessed Beard is also a supporter of the Greenville ministry, Miracle Hill. A portion of all proceeds are donated to the Miracle Hill adoption and foster care programs. 


Here at The Blessed Beard, we choose to be unique. My blends can be anywhere between 8-20+ essential oils. Everything you smell is an all-natural essential oil, none of that chemical stuff. Choosing to make blends like this creates aromas that are very robust; built similar to a cologne! You get harmonies: high, middle, and low notes in the scents! These blends will last all day long!

Wholly Natural

The Blessed Beard was created out of a desire to use natural means to tackle dry skin issues. It grew into the business it is today thanks to friends, local businesses, and God’s blessings! My ingredients are 100% natural, staying away from any fragrance oils, parabens, sulfates, or anything else synthetic. 


Whatever I can, I source local. By purchasing my ingredients locally, I am able to give back to other local artisans! Additionally, every purchase made, whether online or at a show, The Blessed Beard will donate a portion to local Greenville ministry, Miracle Hill. I want to help out as best that I can! Learn more about how we give back, in the "Our Ministry" tab.

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