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Our Ministry

When I began The Blessed Beard, I wanted to use it as a way to give back in ways that I couldn't just as a single person. My wife and I have a passion for kids, and a love to see them flourish. Our faith reminds us that we are called to help the orphaned. So, during my first year in business, I made a connection with a local ministry called Miracle Hill. One of their various ways to support the Greenville-Spartanburg community was through a foster care & adoption program. A portion of the proceeds from The Blessed Beard goes straight to that program which Miracle Hill runs. 

In a world where the young and "out of sight" lose focus, we at The Blessed Beard want to make sure there is focus on them. Adoption and foster care are high callings that not everyone is called to. However, through each purchase on our site, or in person, you can support those who do feel that calling to grow their family by bringing in kids who they did not birth into their family. Through choosing these children, and adopting them as their own, they emulate Christ and His adoption of us into His family. 

I hope that you will be encouraged by knowing that aside from supporting a small business, you are supporting a local ministry and kids looking to find a home with loving parents. I also encourage you to check out Miracle Hill, and all  their fantastic ministries at

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