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Conditioning Oils



WHY USE CONDITIONING OIL?: Our oils provide the most nutrients of all of our products. Each oil is packed with fatty amino acids, vitamins (A, E, & D), as well as other necessary nutrients to keep your skin healthy. Plus from our special combo of carrier oils, you DON'T get that gross greasy "after-feel" when applying the oil! 

HOW TO USE: Shake 3-6 drops from the bottle and rub together between the palms. Rub the conditioning oil into the skin. If applying to a beard, you need to really get the oil rubbed in well beneath the beard itself. If using on skin, just rub it in until smooth. USE DAILY FOR AT LEAST TWO WEEKS FOR BEST RESULTS. Doing this allows your blood to absorb the nutrients frequently enough that your body recognizes the good it is doing!

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